Company Backround

Alphonso Solomon And Company, Inc.
Management Consultants - CPAs, MBAs, IT Specialists and Tax Preparers

Alphonso Solomon And Company, Inc. is a management consulting firm located in the southwest suburbs of Dallas, Texas. It provides a wide array of services through its office and resources in the areas of accounting, tax , marketing, business development, audio visual services, IT services and management consulting. It was formed in October 1987 under the management of Alphonso Solomon, President/CEO. The team members and resources of the firm comprise trained and experienced IT specialists, accountants including MBAs and CPAs current in accounting, tax , marketing, business development and and innovative management consulting services. Team members and resources have over twenty years of experience.

We  provide our services to Individuals, for profit/non-profit businesses, local, state and federal agencies.

Our clients are statewide and in several other states.  A variety of clients provide us with an appreciation and understanding of particular problems that businesses may face. The area of our clientele consists of the following:

  • Small to Medium Businesses
  • Corporate Executives
  • Healthcare Providers who include Physicians, Pharmacists, RN Nurse Managers,
    •   Medical Informaticists, Physical Therapists and Home Health Agencies​
  • Professional Athletes
  • Ministers from Small Churches to Mega Churches
  • Attorneys
  • Other High Wage Earning Individuals

Our long-term government contracts have included the City of Dallas, Fairfield ISD, Texas Department of Transportation and the U.S. Small Business Administration among others.

Our current clients are throughout Texas and other states which includes Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, DC and Washington.